I love connecting with other women through wholistic mindful living – whether it’s through my yoga practice, growing amazingly rewarding essential oil businesses, or the connections I get the chance to make with with every piece of jewelry I create.

My healthcare background affords me a unique approach to oils, and my meditation, yoga and crystal work adds a whole other dimension to my business.   

I work with women who want more from themselves and their surroundings – women who understand that you can’t pour from an empty cup, who understand that taking care of their needs on a mental, emotional, physical and professional level is the most fulfilling way to be there for themselves and their families. 

Here’s how you can get your own oils in your hands and start discovering how you can begin a wholistic mindful living lifestyle through the magic of essential oils

Most people who buy oils do so with doTERRA’s fabulous wholesale program.  It’s like a Costco membership for oil lovers, and it comes with a whole lot of super perks like a 25% discount, and free products, and access to the best essential oils on the market.  Best part? Absolutely no other commitments! You get your own access account, so you never have to chase a seller, and you can save a ton while getting your essential oils whenever you want.

I’d love to walk you through the steps of getting your wholesale account set-up so that you can get your oils now.
But if you’re the independent type, you can follow these simple steps to get access to doTERRA goodness right now!

Click here to access my doTERRA page
Step 1: Click “Join & Save
Step 2: Click “Join doTERRA”
Step 3: Choose “Wholesale”
Step 4: Complete your Info
Step 5: Select the starter kit you’d like best {or contact me to get you started with your very own custom kit!}

Voila! You’re all done!  Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for your oils to arrive (oh, and another perk of having a wholesale account with doTERRA? Super fast oil delivery!)

Once you set-up your whole sale account, you’re going to want to hop over and check your inbox for your Wholistic Mindful Living Email from me giving you the inside scoop on how to use your new oils, as well as a ton of free goodies to get you started with incorporating these goodies into your life.

You will even get the chance set-up a free 1:1 health chat/consult with me where we talk about your specific health concerns and I answer any of your oil questions.


Sound like fun? Yay!
I can’t wait for you to experience what these oils can do for you!

Sisterhood + Celebration + Growth

When you enroll with a wholesale membership with me, you become a part of my Wholistic Mindful Living tribe, and together we grow towards the life you’ve been longing for.

By joining my Wholistic Mindful Living tribe of soul-filled sisters you become part of one a powerful team focused on growing your doTERRA business into a profitable, rewarding and fulfilling career. 

To welcome you to the tribe and get you started we begin with your personalized Membership Overview so that you not only learn all about how to use your oils, but how to become confident sharing their amazingness! We work through your goals, and build  plan on how to get you there. 

Welcome to my team! I can’t wait for you to get started.

Curious about how oils, stones and chakras all work together for a wholistic mindful life?

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