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Do you live in the Grand Prairie – Sexsmith area, and Would you like to find out how you can come to one of my classes?

Well, you’re in luck!

Check out the listings below to see some of my free and paid upcoming in-person classes.  My essential oil classes are fun, full of fantastic and useful information on how to transform your life into a wholistic mindful life with essential oils.

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Curious about how oils, stones and chakras all work together for a wholistic mindful life?

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Want to find out more about all the amazing benefits and things you can do with essential oils?

Classes are fun, interactive, and there’s always something for everyone.

The average 101 class looks a little like this…

Together with your family and friends sitting around the kitchen table or the coffee table, your choice. And then we pass around oils and samples, talking about what essential oils are, how they work and their many uses, and proper application methods and precautions. You will get all the information to start living a wholistic and toxic free lifestyle.

You all get to actually use and try out the oils for yourself by making an item that you can use at home.

Then while we’re snacking and chatting and asking questions, we also chat about the ways you can get started with essential oils and the perks that come with joining through our community. You’ll all walk away with an understanding of some of the amazing things essential oils can do, what to do and not do with them, samples and information materials you can keep, and a whole lot of ideas and inspiration.

If you’re the host you get even more!

When you host a class with 4 or more people we will gift you with your very own diffuser and a bottle of wild orange – before the class so you can see how amazing the oils are even before our class!

Would you like to host your own class?

Fill out the form below to contact me to book your class.  Once We’ve confirmed your class and firmed up the date, I get you set-up with your class host goodies, and give you access to my special web page just for class hosts to give you all the information you need to get ready for your class.

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