Have you started a journey of self discovery?


Do you want a life full of authenticity, joy, love, gratitude, freedom and abundance in mind, body and soul?

I know how you feel.

I’m Kim. In 2015 shortly after I completed my Masters degree I had difficulty sleeping, losing weight and I was showing other signs of imbalance.

I was anxious and restless, and needing something to bring me back into alignment. I believed if I continued down this path it would quickly spiral down. I sought direction from alternative therapies and began taking meditation workshops.

At around the same time I began to research the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and how to incorporate them into my daily life. That’s when I started to teach myself the art of mala knotting and tassel making. The time spent creating my first few pieces was breath taking, the peace, quiet and time to heal emotionally was addicting.

Quickly I could see the positive results from the implementation of meditation daily and started to reflect.

Life happens so quickly.

After securing a job, in the midst of raising two kids and all that goes along with it I realize that I don’t say no very often… except to myself.

It was this realization that propelled me to become mindful of what I put in my household, my body and my mind.

I have been using essential oils for quite some time and since having children have added to my collection of oils. Essential oils are diffused daily in our home from adding a few drops to have an invigorating shower to creating a peaceful and quiet space to settle for the evening. I feel safe knowing what I am using to clean my home is natural and healthy for my family. I incorporate mindful living daily with shopping locally to ensure that I am aware of the source of my products.

While I work to bring my body back to a state of balance, and negate feelings of anxiousness. I feel supported in my new lifestyle of mindful living, the use of essential oils, meditation, and incorporation of yoga. I begin yoga teacher training in the fall of 2017 and look forward to the strength and opportunities that will accompany that.

I spend my days filled with purpose and love; self love, love of my family, my community and my passion. I find balance between my roles as mother, wife, wellness advocate, artist, yogi, and mentor. I am passionate about life, travel, natural lifestyle, essential oils, experiences both locally and globally, global citizenship and empowering individuals. I love the sunshine, rain, snow, falling leaves and crisp morning. You can usually find me before the world is awake enjoying a cup of coffee sitting in peace.

My vision is to create a community that supports the practice of mindful living.
I want you to create the best version of you.

My mission is to empower you in making lifestyle choices that are natural, clean and safe. Through education and support these choices will create a lifestyle for you that is nurturing to the mind, body and soul. To provide support and education in creating a wholistic mindful lifestyle.

I value authenticity.

I value global citizenship; mindful selection of where our products come from.

I value ethically made products; I am mindful in selection of my products

I value high quality; only A grade or higher stones, therapeutic grade essential oils.

I value natural solutions; safe use of essential oils. Mindful practice in selection of oils to support our health and well being.

I value knowledge and wisdom

I value individuality;

I value the best version of you possible



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